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Admissions Guidelines

Persons who apply to the Institute must have the requisite credentials including meeting the requisite academic criteria. The Institute, however, reserves the right to admit students who have met other criteria. Minimum Requirements for Students wishing to enter a program at the Institute must meet the requirements as set out below:

  • Age applicants shall be at least 17 years of age on or before the date of application.

  • Academic requirements applicants are required to satisfy the relevant Institute’s minimum entrance requirements, as well as, the Program requirements

    The Institute’s entrance requirements: Qualification of a High School Diploma, High School subjects i.e. a pass in at least 5 subjects at Level 2 of the National Qualification Framework of Jamaica (NQF-J), which is equivalent to CSEC and C/NVQ II. The 5 subjects at Level 2 of the NQF-J must include English Language and Mathematics. Where candidates do not have passes in CSEC or C/NVQ II but have equivalent certifications, the equivalency will be verified through the Institute, and, where necessary, assistance will be sought from the Ministry of Education or the Department of Education. In all cases, the certification will have to be approved by the institution’s Academic Board.

    The Program Requirements: Among the High School Diploma, 5 CSEC or C/NVQ II subjects, there must be passed at Grades C or above, 1 and 2 in the area of study. There might be additional requirements, such as passes in other CSEC or C/NVQ II subjects to demonstrate a general mastery of areas required as prerequisites, such as Biology for Special Education. The Program Requirements will vary from program to program and within the program itself as the program evolves to meet the needs of the learner. Details of the Program requirement shall be available through the Faculties.

    The Institute reserves the right to accept applicants who may not have satisfied all the matriculation requirements. The decision to accept such a student shall be based on the discretion of the Institute. The Institute, however, shall ensure that while the student is enrolled at the institution all the matriculation requirements are met before the student completes the 1st program. Matriculation into the Institute does not guarantee matriculation into a particular specialization, which will necessitate the applicant satisfying the requirements specific to the individual program in addition to the general matriculation requirements. The applicant may be directed to other programs commensurate with his/her entry qualifications. Should the applicant be unable to matriculate into any program he/she cannot matriculate into the Institute

    All applications must be accompanied by copies of certification as evidence of the qualifications received along with their resume.