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At C. Douglas Institute of Learning (CDI) we offer Postsecondary vocational and job readiness courses. Our Academic and Allied Healthcare Career Programs partner with health talent professionals, to offer education to students across various countries both within the caribbean region and internationally. Our focus is to encourage students in underrepresented areas to consider these careers as entryways into the healthcare profession, with many of our programs requiring as little as three months of training to less than 2 years. C. Douglas Institute of Learning employees have contributed to the success of the programs by accompanying the community engagement team to perform outreach. 

The Allied Healthcare Programs hopes to bring career education to more students across the region and increase the diversity of allied health professionals in the workforce. Our Academic core team focus is to encourage greater student outcomes with various local and regional standardized testing such as CXC, CSEC, SEA and the Common Entrance Exams among others. Within the CDI Learning System, our students achieve better outcomes and are more engaged in their programs, accountable for their success and independent in their approach to learning.

Three facets of the C. Douglas Institute of Learning:

Critical Learning – instructor-led one-on-one or small group learning via live video.

Facilitated Learning – instructor- and student-directed group learning via pre-recordings.

Independent Learning – student-directed solo learning

These areas are underpinned by research, theory and in-classroom testing. This method of learning is inline with best practices in adult education and helps our students successfully transition to post-secondary education, return to work or upgrade their skills. It also mimics the way adults interact in the workplace so that our educational environment mirrors that of a workplace. We promote interactive and meaningful discussion amongst our students utilizing course material, which results in deep-level processing and long-term retention.

We also have interactive inspirational and motivational lectures delivered by expert guest guest speakers. These speeches provide the students with the desire and confidence to pursue difficult goals to maximise their own potential and pursue the profession of their choice.

Mission Statement

The mission of C. Douglas Institute is to meet the needs of  students, communities and employers by providing quality, focused programs of education in traditional, allied health care and related fields that prepare students for scholastic assessments, and employment.

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