Length: 2 hours per week                                      Program Quarter Credits: 0                                Mode of Delivery: Online

REGISTRATION: $150.00                                            FEES: $350.00 per month

The Assessment Framework for the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) 2019-2023 specifies the purpose, components, format and content of the SEA. The Assessment is based on the English Language Arts and Mathematics Curriculum Guides (2013). 

The specific English Language Arts skills to be assessed are English Language Arts Writing, Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Capitalisation and Reading Comprehension. 

In Mathematics, Number, Measurement, Geometry and Statistics are assessed. The Secondary Entrance Assessment facilitates the transition from primary to secondary school. 

The SEA is intended to assist teachers and all those involved in the preparation of students for secondary school. It is anticipated that the specifications for each paper will allow teachers to better assist students in understanding the format and requirements of the exam. It is hoped that through use of a student-centred approach to teaching, with a focus on the development of a range of skills at different levels of thinking, our students will be better prepared for the opportunities available at the secondary level and life in general. There are changes that the institute is asked to note. 

These include, but not limited to the following:

 ▪ Reduction in the number of items in the Mathematics and English Language Arts papers 

▪ Introduction of explicit levels of thinking for the objectives that are assessed for Reading Comprehension and Mathematics

 ▪ Assessment of spelling, punctuation, capitalisation and grammar in context (short passages) 

▪ Incorporation of money as a component under the number strand in Mathematics

▪ Use of prose/fictional passages as part of the comprehension 

▪ Increased emphasis on Reading Comprehension