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Criteria for Admission:

Students are required to submit the following pre-requisites no later than one week prior to the programme of choice:

Payment of non refundable registration fees (please note that registration fees must be payed in order for registration process to be complete)


Professional liability (malpractice) insurance

A screening for Tuberculosis & Hepatitis B


1. The student must score 85% or over on the C. Douglas Institute of Learning admission test. 

2. The applicant must be seventeen years of age or older at the time he or she starts his or her program of study.

3. The applicant must complete an applicant information form.

4. The applicant must interview with an admissions representative and/or other administrative staff.

5. Applicants must pay the enrollment fee and complete all tuition payment requirements.

6. Accepted applicants must agree to and sign the C. Douglas Institute of Learning Enrollment Agreement.

7. Applicants must meet all financial obligations.

8. Possess five CXC/ O' levels or its equivalent. These passes should consist of Mathematics, English A and a minimum of one (1) science subjects or a High School Diploma or a GED 

9. Mature applicants (25 years and over) with relevant experience, who do not possess the minimum entry requirements, may be considered on the basis of experience and demonstrable competence.